The Clean Davao City


The Philippines boasts of a number of festivals held all throughout the year. Grand parades and colorful costumes are a common theme that attract local and foreign spectators. But after the festivities have died down and people are back to their normal routines, what’s left of the revelry are huge piles of rubbish.

Worse, sometimes they’re not even piles since bamboo sticks, plastic bags, softdrink crowns and cigarette butts are scattered everywhere.

But Davao City seems to defy this undisciplined quality that’s sometimes labeled to Filipinos.

CM Recto Street. Photo credit:
Ilustre Street. Photo credit:

Davao City seems to be taking the lead on how Filipinos can do away with this unfair “undisciplined” label. While we hope citizens of the city will continue to maintain this lifestyle, we invite others to do the same.