17 Reasons We Love Davao City


Forget about that one-sided sensational news about Mindanao’s unstable peace and order situation and give yourself a chance to prove these pessimists wrong. We love Davao city and we have 16 reasons why we love it.

1. The Variety of Fruits
Davao City happens to be the biggest in terms of land area, which means enough space is available for various types of crops. From durian, the king of all fruits, to the sought-after mangosteen, rambutan and pomelo, Davao offers a special treat for locals and visitors all year round.

2. The Unlimited Rice
We wonder if you can find fried chicken and rice for just below P30? Speaking of rice, many grill restaurants in Davao offer them on unlimited basis. That means you leave the premises on full stomach. Just be aware of your health, okay?

3. The Fun Runs
Davao City is not just for food lovers. It is also for health buffs. Davao City is host to fun runs typically on a weekly basis. Whether organized by a government agency or a shoe company, you have lots of opportunities to stay healthy on the road.

4. The Sea and Mountain Resorts
Because of its great size, Davao covers a lot of diversity in terms of attractions. If you’re a beach lover, Davao’s got plenty of sea, sand and sun for you. Otherwise, you may want to hang out at mountain resorts near the Davao-Bukidnon border. Or maybe at large pools (with some equipped with artificial waves), the best choice to beat the heat.

5. The Chicken Outlets
Davao City is home to chicken barbecue eateries that come in different shapes and sizes; buy it in the street, local food chain or as part of the menu in an upscale hotel. Curiously, chicken outlets often bear names of people: Penong’s, Banok’s, Colasa’s, Dencio’s, trying to make their chicken a household brand.

6. The Free Attractions
Davao City’s supposed sports oval right at the heart of the city was converted into a public park and became a favorite free place to hang out among locals. Museo Dabawenyo near Davao City Hall offers rich information of the city’s history.

7. The Educational Attractions
Bringing children at Davao Crocodile Farm or GAP Farm not only enriches their knowledge in history and animal kingdom, but also helps them understand the importance of protecting endangered species for their future.

8. The Philippine Eagle
The Philippine Eagle Conservation Center in Malagos helps preserve one of the most treasured animals: the Philippine eagle which also is the national bird. The park offers sanctuary of a number of other species and allows visitors to see them in action.

9. The Honest Taxi Drivers
Our cab drivers aren’t very picky, they return lost items and give you the right amount of change. Sounds no-brainer, but with bad experiences with drivers elsewhere, we can only take pride of our honest Davao taxi drivers. What’s the secret, you ask? Proper law enforcement and giving them love they deserve — tips for honest drivers are most appreciated.

10. The Mutya ng Dabaw
One of the highlights of the grand celebration of Araw ng Dabaw is the coronation of the Mutya ng Dabaw. Truly, it’s the beauty of Davao personified.

11. The Firecracker Ban
While other city hospitals are busy taking care of firecracker victims during the New Year revelry, their Davao City counterparts are bored in a good way. Firecracker ban has been implemented in Davao City for the past decade and continues to take pride in keeping these deadly pyrotechnics at bay as a way to promote well-being of its citizens.

12. The Variety of Adventures
Beaches and mountains are a bit too cliche, you say? We don’t just confine ourselves to these over-emphasized attractions. We also do snorkeling, diving, zip lining, wake boarding or white water rafting in Davao City. Indeed, you’re spoiled for choices here.

13. The No Smoking Policy
Smokers beware. This is what your flight attendants tell you the moment you land in Davao City. Smoking is forbidden at many establishments and this policy is in place for a while that beyond the ‘ningas kugon’ implementation, it has become a habit. So smokers, you’ve been warned.

14. The Kadayawan Festival
As a grand showcase of our local culture and as a way of thanksgiving to a bountiful harvest, Kadayawan has been celebrated for more than twenty years, manifesting Davao City’s rich cultural heritage and abundance of gifts.

15. The Great Tasting Drinking Water
We drink water right from our taps. And why not? It’s free and clean, and most of all tastes better than the chlorine-tempered supplies of Manila.

16. The Seafood
We may not be as rich as General Santos City in terms of fish catch, but you’ll be amazed with our wide array of locations of mouth-watering and cheap seafood treats. Did we mention it’s affordable?

Updates: Thanks to our readers for their inputs

17. The Waste Segregation (Thanks: Digna Comidoy)
While other cities are grappling with tons of uncollected garbage, Davao City not only implements timely collection of its rubbish, it also implements strict waste segregation system. Not only this reduces the amount of garbage, it also helps the environment.

So there you go, our love for the city is not just on saying so. We experience it and we invite you to share the same way with us. Davao City: Life is here.